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Other Compute

What is Docker?

Where Docker images are stored?

Docker versus Virtual Machines




What’s serverless?

Why AWS Lambda ?

EC2 Lambda
Virtual Servers in the Cloud Virtual functions – no servers to manage!
Limited by RAM and CPU Limited by time - short executions
Continuously running Run on-demand
Scaling means intervention to add / remove servers Scaling is automated!

Benefits of AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda language support

AWS Lambda Pricing: example

Amazon API Gateway

AWS Batch

Batch vs Lambda

Batch Lambda
No time limit Time limit
Any runtime as long as it’s packaged as a Docker image Limited runtime
Rely on EBS / instance store for disk space Limited temporary disk space
Relies on EC2 (can be managed by AWS) Serverless

Amazon Lightsail

Lambda Summary

Other Compute Summary

Databases & Analytics             List           Deploying and Managing Infrastructure at Scale

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