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Global Infrastructure

Why make a global application?

Global AWS Infrastructure

Global Applications in AWS

Amazon Route 53 Overview

Route 53 - Diagram for A Record

Route 53

Route 53 Routing Policies

Need to know them at a high-level for the Cloud Practitioner Exam

simple routing policy

weighted routing policy

latency routing policy

failover routing policy

AWS CloudFront

CloudFront - Origins

CloudFront vs S3 Cross Region Replication

CloudFront S3 Cross Region Replication
Global Edge network Must be setup for each region you want replication to happen
Files are cached for a TTL (Time to Live) (maybe a day) Files are updated in near real-time, Read only
Great for static content that must be available everywhere Great for dynamic content that needs to be available at low-latency in few regions

S3 Transfer Acceleration

AWS Global Accelerator

AWS Global Accelerator vs CloudFront

AWS Outposts

AWS Outposts Benefits

AWS WaveLength

AWS Local Zones

Global Applications - Summary

Deploying and Managing Infrastructure at Scale            List           Cloud Integration

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