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Databases & Analytics

Databases Intro

Relational Databases

NoSQL Databases

NoSQL data example: JSON

  "name": "John",
  "age": 30,
  "cars": [
  "address": {
    "type": "house",
    "number": 23,
    "street": "Dream Road"

Databases & Shared Responsibility on AWS

AWS RDS Overview

Advantage over using RDS versus deploying DB on EC2

RDS Deployments: Read Replicas, Multi-AZ

Read Replicas Multi-AZ
Scale the read workload of your DB Failover in case of AZ outage (high availability)
Can create up to 5 Read Replicas Data is only read/written to the main database
Data is only written to the main DB Can only have 1 other AZ as failover

Read Replicas Multi-AZ

RDS Deployments: Multi-Region


Amazon Aurora

Amazon ElastiCache Overview


DynamoDB Accelerator - DAX

DynamoDB - Global Tables

Redshift Overview

Amazon EMR

Amazon Athena

Amazon QuickSight


Amazon Neptune

Amazon QLDB

Amazon Managed Blockchain

AWS Glue

DMS - Database Migration Service

Databases & Analytics Summary

Amazon S3            List           Other Compute Section

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