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Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?

The Deployment Models of the Cloud

Private Cloud: Public Cloud: Hybrid Cloud:
Cloud services used by a single organization, not exposed to the public. Cloud resources owned and operated by a thirdparty cloud service provider delivered over the Internet. Keep some servers on premises and extend some capabilities to the Cloud
Complete control Six Advantages of Cloud Computing Control over sensitive assets in your private infrastructure
Security for sensitive applications   Flexibility and costeffectiveness of the public cloud
Meet specific business needs    

The Five Characteristics of Cloud Computing

Six Advantages of Cloud Computing

Problems solved by the Cloud

Types of Cloud Computing

Cloud Models

Example of Cloud Computing Types

Pricing of the Cloud – Quick Overview

AWS Cloud Use Cases

AWS Global Infrastructure

AWS Regions

How to choose an AWS Region?

If you need to launch a new application, where should you do it?

AWS Availability Zones

AWS Points of Presence (Edge Locations)

Tour of the AWS Console

Shared Responsibility Model

Shared Responsibility Model

Index           IAM: Identity Access & Management

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