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Account Management, Billing & Support

AWS Organizations

Multi Account Strategies

Service Control Policies (SCP)

AWS Organization - Consolidated Billing

AWS Control Tower

AWS Resource Access Manager (AWS RAM)

AWS Service Catalog

Pricing Models in AWS

Compute Pricing


Lambda & ECS

Storage Pricing



Database Pricing - RDS

Content Delivery - CloudFront

Networking Costs in AWS per GB - Simplified

Savings Plan

AWS Compute Optimizer

Billing and Costing Tools

AWS Pricing Calculator

Cost Allocation Tags

Tagging and Resource Groups

Cost and Usage Reports

Cost Explorer

Billing Alarms in CloudWatch

AWS Budgets

AWS Cost Anomaly Detection

AWS Service Quotas

Trusted Advisor

Trusted Advisor - Support Plans

7 CORE CHECKS Basic & Developer Support plan FULL CHECKS Business & Enterprise Support plan
S3 Bucket Permissions, Security Groups – Specific Ports Unrestricted Full Checks available on the 5 categories
IAM Use (one IAM user minimum), MFA on Root Account Ability to set CloudWatch alarms when reaching limits
EBS Public Snapshots, RDS Public Snapshots, Service Limits Programmatic Access using AWS Support API

AWS Basic Support Plan

AWS Developer Support Plan

AWS Business Support Plan (24/7)

AWS Enterprise On-Ramp Support Plan (24/7)

AWS Enterprise Support Plan (24/7)

Account Best Practices - Summary

Billing and Costing Tools - Summary

Machine Learning            List           Advanced Identity

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